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We like to believe that like sculptors we bring out from the candidate an inher­ent skill, a talent. In our modern ethos of transient delivery – where we believe knowledge is in a constant flux and only as relevant as the current commercial environment, we deliver with existing technologies in mind, and the future as a critical element of what we consider as the present.

We train through example and through practicalities. Our candidates have the opportunity of becoming part of live commercial projects ranging from net­work development to tiered web applications.We stay abreast with technology and encourage all our candidates to do the same. By holding regular reviews and seminars we give candidates snippets of interesting developments within the IT industry.

We encourage thought, creativity and revolution. We encourage the abnormal. We want our candidates to be different and to see IT through variant angles. We ‘cap’ our class sizes at approximately five students. This ensures that all our candidates are comfortable and that each candidate gets adequate attention from the lecturer.